The only question is, did they give her a Lister-Jaguar, or a more brutish Lister-Chevrolet? I can't tell to be honest.

If contemporary British history is all a blur and you think Margaret Thatcher had anything to do with British Leyland, think again as that was all the previous Labour government's fault.

The Iron Lady was very much into privatization instead of nationalization and knew about the issues surrounding the British car industry since she was chauffeured around in numerous Daimlers throughout the years. Oh, and an armored bus in case she had to visit Ireland.


While I don't know much about Mrs. Thatcher's own driving habits, her son Mark certainly loved going fast since he even participated in the 1982 Paris-Dakar behind the wheel of a Peugeot 504. His reason for choosing a French car? Anne-Charlotte Verney.

Their story got interesting when the pair and their mechanic were declared lost on the 12th of January.


Margaret Thatcher had to pick up the phone to start an international call...

Photo credit: Lister and AP