It's Not A BMW, It's A Time Machine

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BMW sponsored the season premier of Mad Men and is following it up with this Sterling Cooper-themed, Anton Watts-shot ad for Vanity Fair. But would Don Draper drive a 3-series?


We don't think so. We know from experience Don Draper drives a 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and, in fact, makes a reference to bombing German factories in season one. More importantly than the context clues, though, is the image.

The BMW 3-series is so junior executive. So Pete Campbell. Draper has constructed this facade of success and confidence that acts as a shell around a void he tries to fill with liquor, cigarettes, and cheap sex. That just screams Mercedes S63 AMG.

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Patrick George

If Draper existed in modern times, I think he'd be an Audi guy. It says successful, sexy and powerful without being too flashy.

He's too laid back to be a BMW driver. I could see him in an S5 or something similar.