It's Never Been Easier to Drive Drunk in D.C.

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High-level bungling and a lack of proper funding has left the nation's capital without a functioning breath test program, and police officers have told The Washington Post that they're reluctant to arrest people on suspicion of driving drunk because they're given crappy equipment. With only unreliable breath test kits, D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier has ordered officers to take urine samples from suspects — a far costlier (and nastier) measure. Even still, drunk driving arrests are way down this year and in any case, you've got a solid chance of beating a charge in court. Lanier hopes that by fall 2012 (ha!), the District will have a functioning breath test program. So, until then, bottoms up!


[Washington Post; Image via Shutterstock]

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No fear of conviction doesn't necessarily make it easier......