Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Peugeot claims it's the "one to have." It is a pretty interesting ride even if you aren't a Francophile, but will its price have you saying Merci or Merde?

Disneyland once had this Circle-Vision film called America the Beautiful which showed audiences highlights of the United States in a 360° panorama. It was like a communal Oculus Rift, and it was both awe inspiring and, at some points (I'm looking at you Lombard Street) borderline vomit-inducing.

That Disney attraction is long gone, but should you want to see America in person, you could do far worse than to take yesterday's 1986 Ford Bronco. Not only would you be seeing America in a truck that boldly embodies the American spirit, but with its overwhelming 91% Nice Price win, it would be American cheap to do so as well.

Let's say however that you are less interested in the American dream and more so in pencil-thin mustaches, Jerry Lewis marathons, berets, and today's 1989 Peugeot 505 SW8 wagon. Yes, it is French, muwah-ha-ha-ha.


The 505 debuted in 1979, and went on to have a twenty-year model run. It also has the distinction of being Peugeot's last rear-wheel drive car to be introduced to date. The estate edition was introduced in 1982 and featured a significant stretch in wheelbase over the sedan - 114-inches vs. 108 - plus a third row of seats in the back-back for eight-up seating.

In fact, that's were this U.S. model's name derives. The SW8 is shorthand for Station Wagon 8-seats, and this one has all of them in all their mouse hair'd glory. It also has a typically French dash and the marque's lion mascot on both the steering wheel hub and the floor mats, lest you forget.


On the outside, it's red. In fact, there's a lot of red out here as these are pretty big cars. The paint looks a little tired in places, especially on the back bumper which is more Pepto pink than red. That's to be expected considering the car's age and the fact that it has rolled 150,000 miles. A 150K 505 in America, imagine that!

There's also a broken lens on the right tail lamp, faded paint on the door trims, and rub strips that look like their totally done with people coming up and rubbing them. On the plus side, there doesn't appear to be any road rot, and the car's added Euro-style headlamps do dress up the nose nicely.


Mechanicals include a turbocharged and intercooled SOHC 2,155-cc four. These were pretty substantial in the power department for the era, pumping out a healthy 180-bhp. This was a Simca engine, used by Peugeot after they bought the smaller firm, and the presentation under hood leads me to think that should this one blow, an SVO Mustang mill would be a logical replacement.

Behind the hot four is an auto box which may temper some of those ponies, and which may be the car's single sore point. Perhaps redeeming it for that flaw, the ad notes a number of new parts that have recently been added, as well as maintenance undertaken to keep it on the road.


More on the down side, there is a window that doesn't work, nor does the radio or cruise control. Also, the A/C compressor will need to be replaced lest passengers become French fries in the summer sun.

That may all seem somewhat daunting, however fear not because here's the kicker: this wagon comes with what's described as a complete and running sedan which the seller says could be fixed up or used as a parts car. That's right, TWO Pugs for the price of one!


And what is that price? Well, the asking is $3,950 and you now need to decide if that's a deal or not. What do you say, is this rare and desirable wagon - and a bonus sedan - worth that kind of money? Or, is this a Pug with a price that makes you go ugh?

You decide!


Cincinnati Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Highball for the hookup!

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