It's About Time... For The 1976 Chevette?

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Was the new-for-1976 Chevette really a "new kind of American car," as claimed in this ad? With rear-wheel drive, anemic pushrod engine, and abysmal build quality, it was more like a new kind of unconditional surrender to the Honda Civic.

Still, the Chevette was better than the Vega it replaced (though the Vega was more technologically advanced), and even if it didn't have the interior space of the front-wheel-drive Civic or the reliability of the crude-but-functional Corolla, it was American, by God! Do we miss the Chevette? The Pinto? Discuss.

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Shhhh, don't tell my editor over at Chevy Enthusiast, but thanks to Murilee, I have my next column. And here's a preview:

Did you know that in 1982, Chevrolet's Product Promotion Engineering Department developed a V-6 Chevette? Yes, the Bow-Tie Brigade dropped in a 2.8L V6, backed by either a Waner Super T10 4 Speed of a 700R4 Automatic (Both were in the tested vehicle), with a 3.36 rear end from an S-10 Pickup, and the thing did quarter mile times under 16 seconds. This was faster than the Z/28 or the Turbo Regal (at that time).

What was incredible is that it almost went into production, only to be killed off when the top brass realized that it would have been almost as fast (some say faster) than the Corvette at that time.

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