It's 1969 Okay, Hybrid Built in USA

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It's another car for me and you; another car we didn't produce. Steve Finkbuilt hipped us to the fact that 38 years ago, in a year that saw the births of such luminaries as John Reis of Rocket From the Crypt and our very own Postfather, General Motors cooked up a hybrid car. According to a Popular Science article from the time, "With all-independent suspension, front-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, and wide track (49 inches), the XP883 should be great fun to drive. But whether, and when, you'll drive one is something that the GM chiefs haven't made up their minds about yet." Instead, we got the Vega.


Hybrid Car Ready in 1969 [Finkbuilt]

GM's Personal Jesus: The Chevy Volt Electric Concept Car [Internal]

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Mark Miller

I should have added:

I watched the video of the Volt presentation, they are pretty good at the sales pitch of course... but it occurred to me that GM has been making vehicles with similar "series hybrid" technology since the 1930's! They are called locomotives, available from something oddly called "the Electro Motive Division"...