It's 1968 Again: Ford Reveals New, California-Edition Mustang

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Back in the 1960s, Ford offered more special-edition Mustangs than Lee Iococca had "yes" men. Now, it appears the company is adopting the same strategy with the new Mustang. Today, the company announced the latest tweaker, a new take on the "California Special" Mustangs of 1968. the Mustang GT/CS, a new, $1,900 option package available for coupe and convertible, includes restyled front and rear fascias, side scoops and striping — an homage to the original GT/CS coupe, which was sold only though dealerships in California. But whereas the original was offered on both GT and base Mustangs, the new GT/CS is only offered on GTs. It's no "Charlie's Angels" Cobra II, but then again, what is?

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