[It used to be a little easier to tell when Formula One cars were loaded up in a turn. Here’s Juan Manuel Fangio driving a Maserati during the 1957 Italian Grand Prix. Photo credit: Central Press/Getty Images]

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The mention of Fangio necessarily makes me think of my grandpa.

An absolute Fangio fanatic and mechanic in Argentina, he watched every single race in which Fangio competed in Argentina. He knew all of the specs of Fangio’s car, winning records, etc. decades after these races took place. He was a pretty religious man, but I bet that if you gave him the option to meet God or Fangio, the choice would have been obvious. In his later years of life when he wasn’t well, I’m pretty sure his memories of Fangio racing were the only thing that kept him going.

He passed away about three years ago. Last week, I arrived at his old house in Buenos Aires. I stared going through some of his old stuff (he was both extremely nostalgic and meticulous) when I came across a photo from the time that my grandpa met Fangio at a dinner. I remember my grandpa showing me that picture when I was about four years old and him cracking a tear of joy.

This post goes out to you, grandpa.