It Takes Two, Baby! Rick And Bob Versus The World

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Earlier, we showed you Renault et Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn getting his media shwerve on, but what about the tumultuous twosome of the General's General Wagoner and his hetero life-mate, Bob Lutz? And although some folks might give you the full frontal, we like to take things from behind every once in a while. And as you can see, these two're no slouches when it comes to media hawtness. But Ghosn's got two things going for him Rick n' Bob'll never have in attracting media attention. First, Ghosn's like a rock star with the Japanese and French elbow press, and second, he's got a comic book about his adventures. What kind of a comic book would Bob and Rick have — the "The Generally Ambiguously Gay Duo?" Oh wait, maybe it'd be "The Adventures of Bob and Silent Rick." Yeah, that'd totally be it.


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