Leading Ferrari's Engine Laughs At Your Weak Attempts To Predict Daytona, Also Smokes

Not going to win! Photo credit: Kurt Bradley
Not going to win! Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

How dare you, a mere mortal sack-o-flesh, even attempt to predict the 24 Hours of Daytona. Let this surprise retirement serve as a reminder of how things work. There is nothing predictable about this race, you fools.


The No. 63 Ferrari 488 GT3 of Scuderia Corsa was leading the GTD class when its engine blew, leaving the Ferrari without power at the side of the track with only two hours left in the twenty-four-hour spectacular.

Screencap via IMSA.tv
Screencap via IMSA.tv

Driver Sam Bird was left absolutely dumbfounded, which is understandable. Scuderia Corsa are the reigning GTD class champions as well. They would be solid bets for winners, if you could make bets here. (Which you really can’t.)

It looks like the car’s engine just won’t last that long. The No. 63, sadly, has since been retired.

Strangely, the No. 96 Turner Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 also pulled off and stopped at the same time. They were running in eighth place.

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It seems to me that the Ford GT’s and the Ferrari’s have a definitive speed/power advantage over the rest of the field. Seeing the C7, GT, and Ferrari exit a turn at roughly the same speed after the yellow is lifted, and then only to have the C7 get smoked on the long bank, it was like the other two were in a different class. What gives?