We Need To Talk About The New Top Gear Right Now

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By now millions of people in Europe will have seen the relaunched Top Gear on television, and probably millions more will have seen the show through... other means, not that I’m one to judge. Let’s talk about how it went.


Spoilers ahead and in the comments if you haven’t watched the show. Obviously.

On tonight’s premiere of the totally revamped show, Chris Evans in a Dodge Viper ACR duked it out with Sabine Schmitz in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Matt LeBlanc took an Ariel Nomad through the Moroccan desert, and Jesse Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsay squared off as celebrity guests.

It almost doesn’t need to be said, but a ton is riding on the new show and its new cast. In addition to being one of the world’s most visible ambassadors of car culture, it’s also a huge moneymaker for the BBC. Did the new presenters pull it off? Does it have potential, or should this new Top Gear be put out to pasture sooner than later?

The show makes its official U.S. premiere tomorrow evening at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.

If you didn’t wait until then—and who can blame you?—let’s talk about the show right now.

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It’s like 70% of what the other show was. Chris Evans has no charm (at least compared to the other three). The shots aren’t as beautiful as the others were. Joey is quite good actually, but they don’t seem to know a lot about cars (Clarkson uses a lot of metaphores that I liked a lot and really knew how to communicate what he feels about the car). Sabine knows what she is doing, but her Top Gun line was awful. Will watch the whole season, but yeah, not only is it different, it is not very good.