It’s Fangio vs. Musso At The Dutch Grand Prix

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If you’re looking for more W196 action after last night’s post, look no further: here’s seven glorious minutes of footage from the 1955 Dutch Grand Prix.



This was the first major motor race held after the Le Mans disaster of June 11, 1955. Safety did not exactly progress in leaps and bounds in the seven days separating the events: hay bales still served as the imperfect Armco of the day.

Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss—who had been retired from the lead at Le Mans out of respect for the dozens of dead—are given a vigorous chase by Luigi Musso in the Maserati 250F.

And it’s all in fancy color, with the sand dunes of Circuit Park Zandvoort as the background.

Photo on top taken at the previous race, the Belgian Grand Prix, it shows Fangio on his way to yet another win. Credit: Daimler AG

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Raphael Orlove

Hey Peter, Do you find much interest in the races of Nuvolari? I always figured that those pre-war races had a bit more fantasy to them, not that these articles are anything less than brilliant. Now I just have to start dreaming up new additions to Hyperleggera.