BBC Director, Wife Receive Death Threat Over Clarkson's Firing

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Because the world is filled with kind, rational, level-headed human beings, the Director-General of the BBC is under police protection over what was determined to be a "credible" death threat from someone angry over Jeremy Clarkson's sacking from Top Gear. Ugh.


This story just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it?

Deadline reports that Scotland Yard confirmed an investigation into an alleged threat to kill BBC Director-General Lord Tony Hall, sent via email and possibly from outside the UK. No arrests have been made at present, authorities said.

The Mail on Sunday first reported the alleged threat, which came in last week shortly after it was announced Clarkson would be dropped from the famed motoring TV show in the wake of a physical altercation with a producer. Security officers were seen guarding the Halls' home in Oxfordshire, the Mail reported.

From the story:

One Twitter user said they hoped Mr Tymon 'visits the morgue very soon' while another wrote: 'Tony Hall BBC director, I wonder if Oisin's and your head can stop a bullet!!! just wondering.'

An insider said: 'With less than 12 hours' notice the close protection officers were asked if they could go to the DG's house to protect him and his family. The job was described as a "fastball", which meant that an immediate response to the threat was required. The threat was also regarded as credible.

'On that basis, requests for close protection officers to make themselves available for this job were put out on Facebook pages and groups which are strictly for approved and highly qualified security personnel. A number of close protection officers came forward and were briefed about the threat to Tony Hall.

The producer involved in the fracas, Oisin Tymon, has also been lambasted on social media for... I don't know, not fighting back, or something? People are idiots.

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Mailbox Cancer

It might be the allergy medicine, but I feel like this is all just a glimpse into a Clarkson-starred version of A Christmas Carol ... just now getting to the part where Jeremy peers into his still-avoidable future where everything just goes to shit, shown to him by his Ghost of Top Gear Future (played by a cloaked Stig that pushes him down a dark well or grave just as he wakes up from the nightmare).

I can't help but feel like it's not too late to right all of this. Plus, I would pay money to see a midgetized Richard Hammond on crutches mumbling a pitifully-cute "God bless us, everyone!" at the end of the movie.