Dirt Track Manager Delivers Epic Burn In Response To Dumb Major League Baseball Request

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Major League Baseball decided to assume that their fanbase can’t read or spell and took issue with Eldora Speedway’s use of the name “Mudsummer Classic.” The MLB claimed that the event sounded too close to their “Midsummer Classic,” and Eldora agreed to change it—but not without getting a dig in at MLB first.


While both events take place in midsummer (July), that’s about the only similarity they share. One is a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race in Rossburg, Ohio, and the other is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

That being said, the track has agreed to change the NCWTS race’s name to something (to be determined) that won’t confuse functionally illiterate baseball execs.

Eldora Speedway general manager Roger Slack thanked any baseball fans who may have been confused in a statement on the upcoming name change released by the track:

We hope all of the baseball fans who traveled to Rossburg, Ohio the past three years in anticipation of the MLB All-Star Game enjoyed the race and the $2 beers.

Slack makes it pretty clear which event takes better care of its fans. $2 brewskis for everybody!

Personally, I think even getting in a dig at baseball stadiums’ notoriously pricey Pißwaßer is a bit of a cop-out. They should have kept the name “Mudsummer Classic” for a parody of the baseball game and made the action so excruciatingly slow that mascots and other shenanigans would have to be brought out during pauses in the race to keep fans from falling asleep.


The fourth annual To Be Announced Classic NCTWS race at Eldora Speedway will take place on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

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It makes me feel bad that baseball get more viewership then racing. But it makes me feel good that the league knows watching is painful and don't want their fan base tricked into watching a real sport.