It looks like all of Texas is on fire

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A few months ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a declaration asking Texans to pray to God to bring rain to their parched state. Judging by this amazing photo taken from the median of a Texas highway, God apparently answered by trying to light his entire state on fire.


Naturally, all of Texas is not on fire, but to paraphrase the honorable Mr. Perry, it does have a "God-sized problem." As of last week, 81 percent of Texas' land area was experiencing "exceptional drought" conditions, the direst category on the U.S. Drought Monitor's scale. As of today, wildfires have ravaged 3.5 million acres - an area roughly the size of Connecticut - since last December.

Photo Credit: Bruce Sterling/Flickr via BoingBoing



I was on my way back to SE Texas yesterday when I had to be redirected across 290 and 77 to get back onto 71, taking me an extra 1.5 hrs. I feel for the people who are affected by this fire, I'm still trying to get into contact with some old friends who were from Bastrop.