It Is Time To Jump A BMW E46 Until It Flies Right Open

GIF via Sami Nicosia

Gather around, friends, and let us watch a BMW E46 fly through the air until it eventually just flies open itself.


Has that old BMW been giving you grief? Probably not? Well, whatever. Here’s a bunch of folks destroying an E46 in the most safety-third way possible: by jumping it, repeatedly, with an interior full of assorted car trash.

Eventually, the latches for the doors, hood and trunk just aren’t enough to keep everything together on the bent car, and all the car just flies open upon landing.


You know what demolition derbies could use more of? Sweet jumps.

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The E46 does not age well, and I don’t mean this from an aesthetics standpoint.

When I purchased my 328i, I was blown away at the fit and finish. The doors were solid and closed like they had substance. The drivetrain purred along at 90 on the highway without breaking a sweat.

Then once it hit 100K, it literally started falling apart. The headliner in the back sagged, the kidney grilles actually fell out, the window regulators (2 out of 4) failed, the VANOS system took a shit, and the transmission crapped out.

And I take meticulous care of my vehicles. Never again will I own one, although I have a special place for M3/4's