Lewis Hamilton Wants You To Look At His Schlong

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In the world of bizarre celebrity Instagram accounts, Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton’s is a goldmine. Every shot looks so oddly professionally done, as if his PR handler follows him around with professional photographers—including this shot of Hamilton chillin’ in his boxer briefs.



My less distracted coworkers said something about hair that’s impervious to mighty coastal winds, but, um. Umm. Uh uh uh.


Now we know, I guess. I’m not sure we needed to know, but now we do. Lewis Hamilton is a boxer briefs man.

For those of you who need a unicorn chaser after that, here’s his dog Coco in adorable bunny ears for Easter:



Alternately, here’s his manual V12 Pagani Zonda.


Ignore the obviously staged Vin Diesel poses for a second. That car. I want that car.


You can see the full collection of strangely staged photos on Hamilton’s Instagram here.

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It is painful to see someone try so hard to be Justin Bieber. Lewis, stop. Just stop.