It Is Ludicrous That The Radical RXC Is Street Legal

What happens when you take the Ford Mustang's new 3.7-liter V6, boost it to 380 horsepower, stuff it into a body that weighs a smidge under 2,000 pounds, and somehow make it street legal? You get the Radical RXC, a car whose performance lives up to its absurd name.


Our pals across the pond at XCAR took a drive in manufacturer Radical's latest creation, which looks like a baby LeMans Prototype car that you can somehow drive to work every day. It's a huge departure from previous Radical cars, which used motorcycle engines.

In addition to being powered by modern American muscle, it's quite raw in other departments. There's no traction control or ABS. Zero to 60 mph takes about three seconds. Earplugs will likely be in order under hard acceleration.


Ludicrous? Sure. But in a good way.

Basically, it's a beast, but a wondrous one. Oh yeah, and they plan to do a V8 version. They'll make that motor themselves by strapping two Suzuki Hayabusa bike engines together.

It's okay to feel a little terrified after reading that last sentence. That indicates only that you are still sane.

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This is America, if my car is unsafe to me but no one else, I should be able to drive it. I know the risks involved. Is it ludicrous that cigarettes are legal?