Yesterday, US Airways tweeted out a photo that none of us ever really expected to see outside of the seedier corners of the Internet. It was a social media fail that will live in infamy. I have taken to calling it "Vaginaplanegate."

Social media accounts are run by human beings (sometimes, anyway) and human beings make mistakes. And when these mistakes happen, they come with a lot of tweet deleting, apologizing, "internal investigations," and some intern getting shitcanned.

That's our question of the day: What's the worst transportation-related social media fail?

This can include airlines, train companies, cities, and obviously car companies, too. Remember that time Dodge thought an E46 M3 was a Challenger police car? Classic. At least they didn't tweet out the vaginaplane picture instead. That would have been HILARIOUS.

Your turn. Bring us the worst transportation social media fail!