It Can Roar As Well As Whisper: 1969 Ford Torino!

So Ford grabbed the same incredibly wholesome dancers they used to sell the '69 Mustangs when it came time to try to move some '69 Torinos off the showroom floors. Compare the nauseating perkiness of this ad to the worldly white-collar hoon in the '68 Torino ad. But look at all the engine choices you got! Make ours a 428 Cobra Jet fastback with 4-speed, please.

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Rob Emslie

Torino, torino, torino! That ad is nothing but a bunch of advertising catchphrases, and I love it! Aren't those costumes the same ones the Brady Kids wore during their brief stint as cherubic pop stars?

Still, those are some good looking cars. I remember back when everything was all about the coke-bottle shape. Thanks for the memories.