Russian Army Tanks Decide Who Has Right Of Way

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Some Russian dudes were cruising along, minding their own dash cam when a military tank blasted out of the snow and across their path like something out of GoldenEye.

Shortly after the tank came back, cutting off the driver once again who had the balls to honk at the military machine. Guess he wasn't down with right-of-way by tonnage.

There's some sort of writeup on Russian news site E1, but Google Translate found it a little overwhelming. Seems like this took place in Nizhny Tagil, just east of the Europe/Asia border, and the tank pilot's disregard for any semblance of safe road usage eventually resulted in a collision with a car.

Hat tip to 4X!

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Isn't this the same stretch of road as this oldie-but-goodie?

Wonder if it's the same hoonigans and the same tank...