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Is this video of a BMW drifting world's highest helipad a fake?

Because local building codes require helipads on skyscrapers, L.A.'s U.S. Bank Tower features the tallest building-based helipad. Not exactly the place you'd expect to find the BMW 1M drifting to the edge. Here's video of the 1M doing it, but here's why we don't think it's quite real.


Ignoring the obvious danger, we contacted the video's creator to ask whether or not this was an actual stunt or a clever recreation. Here's the response:

Our official response is that we wanted to create a series of videos that were so amazing only one of the best drivers in the world (Greg Tracy from Fast and the Furious, Bourne Identity, etc.) with the 1M's precision could do it. And we wanted people to do exactly what you're doing by asking and debate it.


Could or did he do it? Expert drifting, to be sure, but we're starting to have our doubts about it actually being on the top of the building as the video claims. We're also starting to doubt whether the building was destroyed by ancient dragons.

You just can't trust anything you see on the Internet.

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Walter Rohrl's Left Foot says save the manuels

fake. compare the building shadows (blue) with the car shadows (red). obviously the light source is different.