Is This The World's Smallest Snowplow?

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Winter's on the way, and some of the northerners and mountaineers among you have doubtless considered buying a truck with a plow attached to the front.


Sure, it could be a great way to scrape together a few extra bucks, but as the guy who helped me build the axles on my old '80 GMC 4x4 once said, big trucks cost big money.

So instead of having eight cylinders and huge wheels that you're going to thrash the crap out of anyway, why not go for two cylinders and tiny wheels like whoever built this mini Fiat 126 plow rig? We're guessing the rear window has been removed, because you'd have to be toddler-sized to Dukes of Hazard your way through those tiny vent windows in the front.


Have you owned, seen, or considered buying a smaller or weirder plow rig than this one? Show us in Kinja! (Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!)

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Jason Torchinsky

Oh man I love this thing.