Is This The New Dodge Charger Refresh?

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An alert reader over at Carspyshots grabbed these photos of what's presumably the 2009 Dodge Charger showing off its, uh, minor exterior refresh. Taillights FTW! It looks like Dodge has added a little raised portion down by the turn signal lens...and that's about it. We can't see the sides or front, so no details on changes there, but chances are the biggest alterations are on the inside, since that's where Chrysler has been focusing its development dollars as of late. More as we get it. [Carspyshots]


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Suddenly Kim, the driver of the Hyundai, realized that Obama was right. America did have the technical resources and innovation necessary to compete on a global basis. The proof was right there in front of her. Why, if Chrysler could make such massive improvements in taillight design in a single model year, there was hope for the whole industry! Man was Obama a prophet or what?