Is This The New 500 HP Ferrari F450?

Could this Auto Plus-commissioned illustration be the 2011 Ferrari F450? The F430 replacement will feature a high-revving 500 HP, 4.5-liter V8 with a hair-raising 10,000 rpm redline.


Not only will the F450 feature a .2-liter bump in displacement and ten more Italian ponies from the F430 Scuderia, it'll also be the first car to feature Ferrari's new weight savings techniques that were previewed on the 2007 FXX Millechili concept. Although the car appears to be larger in all dimensions expect performance to be on par or slightly better than the current Scuderia model with this added weight savings.


If early reports are true, we'll see the F450 at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September with a showroom date set sometime in 2010. We can't wait to lay our eyes on the real car come Fall, until then, we'll just lust after this artist's rendition. [Autogespot via AutoPlus]

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