Is This The Best Pairing Of Ads In A Car Magazine Ever, Or What?

I was flipping through a February 1969 copy of Road & Track (my antifreeze colonic lady really needs to update her waiting room magazines) when I happened to see this remarkable chance pairing of advertisements:


Look at that: an ad for some kind of fake-hair face-merkins right above an ad for replacement parts for the Lamborghini Miura, one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

If you were a sad, mustache-less Miura owner who was a terrible driver, always running into things and launching your beardless face through the windshield, these ads together would have been a godsend.

Miura parts and a way to instantly grow a mustache? This pair of ads basically Wondertwin-powers themselves into an unstoppable gettin’-laid machine for the lucky late ‘60s gentleman of means enough to invest in a Lambo and a bag of fake stick-on hair.

Man, what a glorious time that must have been to be alive, behind the wheel of a beautiful Italian car, your stuck-on beard and sideburns whipping in the wind.



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