Is This Extreme Subaru Their New NASCAR Racer?

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The New York Auto Show starts this week. Subaru is putting cars on the truck from their NJ HQ to head up to the big show in NYC. One of them is this really big winged WRX STI. What's the deal with it?


There are a number of theories here at the Jalopnik compound about what it could be, but the prevailing one seems to be that this WRX with a grey body and very blue wing with a very substantial wicker bill just has to be their entry into the NASCAR Nationwide Series. And of course they'll enter a Legacy in the Sprint Cup in two years time.


Or it might be a new Global Rally Cross racer or even a Subaru Rally Team USA car. But what do you think? What's the deal with this secret Subaru?

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The rear end is the wrong shape for a NASCAR. Those cars don't even slightly resemble the cars they are based on, and this has what are stock or near-stock rear lights. The WRX also seems too small to be a NASCAR.

It's probably either a WRC prototype or Rally Cross prototype. I'm leaning towards Rally Cross because that doesn't look like a WRC rear wing.