Is this D.B. Cooper?

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The mother of Marla Cooper, the woman claiming to be the niece of D.B. Cooper, also believes that her brother-in-law was likely the daring culprit in the decades-old — and the nation's only unsolved — hijacking case. She's now provided further details about her brother-in-law — including this photo. Could this be the infamous "D.B. Cooper"?


Marla Cooper recently came forward to the FBI with evidence that she believes proves that her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper is the famed D.B. Cooper, the man hijacked and threatened to blow up a commercial plane flying to Seattle in 1971, then parachuted to the ground with $200,000 in hand.


Her mother, Grace Hailey, told ABC News that she doesn't remember much about that Thanksgiving in 1971 where her brother-in-law returned to the house in Sisters, Oregon, but she believes he could be the hijacker. Hailey's statements are one reason why the FBI thinks the tip from Marla Cooper is credible.

But, although they initially thought this was a credible lead, their most recent statements seem to indicate they no longer believe that it is.

What do you think? Could this man be "DB" or "Dan" Cooper — the world's most wanted hijacker?

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Rob Emslie

D B Cooper, ha!