Is This Confirmation That America's F1 Team Will Be Ferrari-Powered?

Ferrari has announced a new sponsor for its F1 team. That sponsor? Haas Automation, which is owned by Gene Haas, the man who owns Haas Formula, the next American F1 team. Sure seems like a good way to cozy up to Ferrari, doesn't it?

It has been rumored that Haas was talking to Ferrari about powering his cars for 2016 as well as part sharing amongst teams. Originally, Haas was talking to Dallara about building the chassis, but sources have told me that he's decided to build his own car with as many parts from other constructors, since every single Dallara entry in F1 has nearly been an unmitigated disaster.


Still, an American team running Ferrari power and maybe having Danica Patrick as a driver. This is a good thing. A good thing that we like.

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