I 've been on a bit of a Citroƫn kick as of late, and naturally that has led me to SM rally cars. I can't help but wonder if there's ever been a car less suited for rallying than this.

You see, CitroĆ«ns are know for being both supremely comfortable, and supremely unreliable ā€“ neither of which are desirable qualities in a rally car. But, inexplicably, CitroĆ«n decided to rally it, and even more inexplicably, it was fairly successful.

There's something so perversely satisfying about a heavy, luxurious, Italian-engined Citroƫn tearing up the deserts of Morocco. I can't think of any more absurd rally car than this, except maybe that Gallardo that dude is building.


Is there some insane rally car I'm not thinking of? Or does this French oddball take the cake?

Top Photo Credit: Citroƫn