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Is The Space Saver Spare Gonna Work On This Lexus?

Illustration for article titled Is The Space Saver Spare Gonna Work On This Lexus?

I see more and more of these rides high rolling down the freeways. And I always wonder with the rubber band low profile tires on those ginormous wheels what happens when you get a flat?

Illustration for article titled Is The Space Saver Spare Gonna Work On This Lexus?

Chances are the folks who modify these cars don't buy five rims when they pick up their chrome 22s or 32s or whatever outrageous wheel size they are up to now. Looking at the stance of the car there is no way a stock size spare, or even worse, a space saver donut is going to work on a single corner of the car. So do these guys have a big spare wheel in the trunk? Chances are probably not. That takes up too much room which is needed for more important things, like four 12 inch woofers and amplifiers.


Looking at this car, the Jay-Z song "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one" finally makes sense to me now.

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Roberto G. is happy as a clam

Luckily in Italy (and I'm quite sure is the same in all civilized European countries) such tunings are totally illegal. I cannot do without feeling much safer, not having a chariot like that behind me, on a rainy day...

As a confirmation, this is the rough translation from a specialized Italian blog, about the needed procedure to fit for instance some new 17" rims, in place of the original 15":

(quoted and translated):

1. You must ask for a written declaration of conformity to the company producing the car, enclosing a photocopy of the registration certificate (if successful, but it's a very difficult thing, go to step 3, if not, go to step 2 );

2. You need to privately contact (at your expenses) a certified and enrolled mechanical engineer: he must ensure in a formal report that the modification does not provide any problem for the security and stability of the car;

3. You have to book a test at the DMV, of course you must take with you the report of the engineer;

4. As a last step, you need to update the registration certificate of the car, an operation to be always performed at the DMV.

Do not think that all the above can be done quickly. It will take a while ', but if you really want to give a touch of originality to your car better equip yourselves with patience. The penalties for failure to update the certificate of registration are very high, and in extreme cases (further tuning, including the motor) the DMV could seize your car and you may not see her anymore...