Is The Space Saver Spare Gonna Work On This Lexus?

I see more and more of these rides high rolling down the freeways. And I always wonder with the rubber band low profile tires on those ginormous wheels what happens when you get a flat?


Chances are the folks who modify these cars don't buy five rims when they pick up their chrome 22s or 32s or whatever outrageous wheel size they are up to now. Looking at the stance of the car there is no way a stock size spare, or even worse, a space saver donut is going to work on a single corner of the car. So do these guys have a big spare wheel in the trunk? Chances are probably not. That takes up too much room which is needed for more important things, like four 12 inch woofers and amplifiers.

Looking at this car, the Jay-Z song "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one" finally makes sense to me now.

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