Is The Porsche 911 Better On Track With AWD Or Rear-Wheel Drive?

In this battle, it's a 911 4S with a seven-speed manual and standard suspension against a Carrera S with a PDK and active suspension on a wet British circuit. Choose your side!

Both cars have carbon ceramic brakes and the power kit which brings them up to 430 hp. The wet conditions put the four-wheel drive car in the lead straight away, but let's not forget that the 4S also costs as much as a GT3 with these options.

The Carrera S on the other hand comes with the GT3's much firmer suspension and can change gear in the middle of a massive slide thanks to its PDK gearbox. But is that enough to balance out the lack of grip against the big brother?

As much as I love the traditional setup, four-wheel drive systems are getting very clever indeed.


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I think the future of AWD will be super efficient batteries powering small electric motors on each front wheel. It eliminates the weight of the traditional AWD system and allows all electric power in certain applications.

Volvo is kind of doing the opposite (FWD with electric rear) with their new diesel hybrid V60.