Is The Lexus RC F Better On The Road Than The Track?

The Lexus RC F is yet another sports coupe aiming to make BMW worry that the M3/M4 has past its prime and needs to be put out to pasture. What Lexus did create is a heavy car that can't match the BMWs on track, but what about cross country on the roads?


This week on Chris Harris on Cars, our man Harris heads to New York's Monticello Motor Club and the surrounding roads to sample the RC F on the road and track (just like I did last summer). Like me, he found that the RC F wasn't ideal on track. It was too heavy, not torquey enough, had a tendency toward understeer, and weak brakes.

However, he also drove the car on the road. I didn't because there was a race track there and driving on a race track is better than driving on a road. So what did Chris find about the car on the road?

It makes sense. More sense than it makes on the track.

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