Cheaper, lighter, faster? Shouldn't every entry-level sports car share those values? Lotus's new entry Elise for Europe โ€” the Club Racer โ€” is at least two of those things. Just 1,931lbs, the stripped-down Elise is exactly what Chapman ordered. Is it the last hurrah of the Lotus he envisioned?

Lotus engineers took 53 pounds out of the open-top Elise, with a lighter-weight battery and less noise insulation (yes, there was more to cut in that area). The Club Racer also gets a new Sport setting for the car's DPM "keep you out of the weeds" system, which can be switched off entirely.


But considering Lotus's plan for future vehicles as part of a massive expansion, are we indeed witnessing the last of Lotus's reductive approach to car building? Perhaps. But until then, as the man once said, rage against the dying of the light!

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