Is That a Turbocharged M5 Wagon?

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*UPDATE* One of our intelligent commenters points out that the wagon looks like an AC Schnitzer M5 Touring (which explains the wheels). A second look confirms that's probably what this is. Skepticism, YEAH!The folks at Winding Road have gotten their hands on some mighty fine spy shots of what could very well be an M5 Wagon Wagen Estate Touring prowling the streets with some nasty turbos. Rumor has it that this bruiser will be propelled via an RS6 Avant-chomping turbocharged, 600 bhp version of the BMW 5.0-liter V-10. It's certainly got the proportions of an M tweaked Bimmer, though we're a little curious what's going on with the thin spoked wheels. Is this for real, or is this merely sound and fury signifying nothing?


It could all be a joke. I've spent many hours with my Bavarian extended family and they consider themselves quite the humorists. They're always like "Massew, come back to Germany with us and we'll take you to a soccer game. We'll go on Wednesday. It's Helmet Day. Everyone named Helmut gets in Free!." Now you know where my sense of humor comes from. [Winding Road]

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Matt Hardigree

@LTDScott: It is whatever we want it to be! All bow down.