Is That... A Super Soaker?

Name any car. Someone, somewhere races it. For instance, here's a Citroneta 3CV racing in Argentina with, wait, is that a super soaker for an air intake?

It sure looks like a super soaker intake, and this Citroneta (a license-built South American version of the smoky, flimsy, underpowered, yet very awesome Citroen 2CV) isn't the only car with it. Here's another 3CV race car positively thundering down the straightaway with one.

Illustration for article titled Is That... A Super Soaker?

The racing in Formula Citroneta with these stripped-out front-drive racers is pretty great, helped along by the furious din of the two-cylinder motors.

I could watch this stuff for days.

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Andrés Salinas

I live in Chile and I never heard of this category. Seems fun to watch.