Is That A Neon Cucumber, Or Is Nic Jönsson Just Happy To See Us?

Krohn Racing just unveiled their gorgeous new Ligier JS P2 Judd race car that will compete in the European Le Mans Series and select Tudor United SportsCar races next year. Professional Swede Nic Jönsson (left) seems particularly excited about this car. Bless your heart, that does appear to be a pants-bulge.

Is it really, though? Not having to deal with this issue myself, Hardibird fielded the question to the professional cupologists over at Deadspin, to which they said:


"I'm gonna say not a boner." - Tom Ley

"Not a boner, pants just riding too high." - Kyle Wagner

"Racing dude just dresses right." - Samer Kalaf

So, there you have it. Nothing more than a tightly tailored race suit.

For what it's worth, nomex cups are not a thing (despite nearly every dude who's ever worn a five-point harness's wish that they were) and, well, look at this car.

It's built by Onroak, powered by a Judd V8, and just plain looks mean.


To Jönsson's credit, I'd be super excited about this, too.


This has to be one of the best looking LMP2 race cars in existence, particularly in Krohn's favorite shade of green.

Photo credit: Krohn Racing

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