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Yeah, you think the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid was dragging down the Teutonic knights of Stuttgart? Ha! Check out the Smart brand, which according to a report by the German newsdaily Handelsblatt, as reported today by Automotive News. They continue:

"Without the burden of the Smart brand, the Mercedes group would have achieved a record operating profit of more than 4 billion euros last year, or $5.34 billion at current exchange rates. Instead, the group posted a 2.4 billion euros, or $3.20 billion, operating profit."

Considering the not-so-big size of the makers of the not-so-big ForTwo, those are some pretty big losses β€” according to the report, 3.9 billion euros over the past four years. Taking size into account, my guess is they're losing more money comparatively than the Chrysler Group was / is. Uh-oh, maybe the round table of the board of the knights of Teuton could decide to dump Smart forimpeding on the profitability of Mercedes.

Report: Smart cost DaimlerChrysler 3.9 billion euros over four years (sub. req.) [Automotive News]


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