Is Mitsubishi Working on an Evo IX Sport Wagon?

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Put it this way, our Russian is worse than our ancient Greek, which is worse than our Chhattisgarhi, so we have only AltaVista's machine translation of one Russian site's account of an upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX sport wagon to go on.

If we believe by the Japanese MEDIA, company Mitsubishi intends to let out its famous sport automobile Lancer Evolution in the body specialist [hmmm, Body Specialist, eh? — ed]. To present the exterior view of future Lancer Evo IX Wagon is possible, after glancing at the illustration. Developers left the traditional proportions Evo, after lengthening his tail end to the overall sizes of specialist. Designers replaced the traditional type of front and rear bumpers.

Lancer Evolution Wagon Will be completed by 5-stepped automatic and 6- stepped mechanical gearbox. In sale this automobile will appear tentatively during July 2005.


Time's up. Anyone know where the Evo wagon is? [Thanks to Ryan for the tip.]

26.04.2005 (Общие новости) Mitsubishi собирается выпустить универсал Lancer Evolution IX []

Mitsubishi Tuner Gives UK Super Evo More Super Powers [internal]


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