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One of AutoSpies' tipsters — who recently spent some time in an automotive focus group in Hollywood — says Mazda is developing a compact coupe that's a "cross between the RX-8 and Aston Martin DB9." The tipster saw the car in concept form, and says it has "big bulging front wheel surrounds," a 2.0 liter four banger — with 161hp/129 ft-lbs of torque — and weighs 2436lbs. Is Mazda building a low-rent version of the BMW Z4 Coupe / Porsche Boxster for under $20,000? We can only hope.

AUTO SPIES WORLD EXCLUSIVE- $19,000 Aston Martin clone in development from Mazda? [AutoSpies]


Spy Photos: BMW Z4 Coupe on the Ring [internal]

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