Is Kerkorian Eyeing Volkswagen?

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According to rumors coming out of Germany's Deutsche B rse exchange, Wall Street raider Kirk Kerkorian may be attempting to look up VW's corporate skirt. The company's stock has jumped 5.5% to a three-year high of $60.38, due to 12 million VW shares changing hands of late. According to the Guardian UK, that number amounts to four times the stock's normal daily volume. While there's no proof Kerkorian's craggy thumbprint is on the upswing, it wouldn't be the first time Mr. K inserted himself between an underperforming corporate giant and the 800-pound labor-relations gorilla reclining across its balance sheet. Others think it's horseshit; that VW's situation is too untenable for the antediluvian Kerkorian to bother with, or that he's a convenient symbol for German nationalists to spot lurking in the trees. Stay tuned.

Kerkorian rumours drive Volkswagen shares to three-year high [The Guardian]

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