Is It Wrong To Think The Taliban's Toyota Truck Has Cool Graphics?

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The Toyota Hilux is basically the gold standard in budget backcountry warfighting trucks, so I wasn't surprised that the Taliban used one in the release of captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl as seen in their unverified video. I did not expect the Islamic fundamentalists to be rocking such a flamboyant graphics package though.


Bright red on silver actually looks kinda sweet, but it's got to be the worst camouflage ever for the desert. Maybe this is a "special occasion" truck they only trot out when they want to be spotted by an American blackhawk helicopter.

Hat tip to Hans Allhoff.

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It's not wrong. The truck is just a tool for those tools.

Not liking it would be akin to not liking a friendly dog because its owner is a dick.

So screw the Taliban. I say we find that puppy a better home.