The harder carmakers try to look cool, the lamer they get. Jalopnik readers know the ten most painfully awkward official photos they've turned out next to ad copy.

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There are tons of awkward pictures of people posing with cars. What makes these so amazing is that they were taken by the carmakers themselves and publicly distributed for PR purposes. They genuinely wanted you to see these shots.

We can't say exactly why they turned out this way. Communication problems with the ad agency? Misreading the trends of the time? Some Ford executive really liked reading dirty mags in a shag carpeted van? We'll never know.

Are there any incredibly awkward press shots that we forgot about? Let us know in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Abby Cubey

10.) AMC Pacer Badonkadonk

This French magazine ad for the AMC Pacer went a touch over the top.

Suggested By: Porsche924GTR

9.) Unenthused Cadillac Eldorado Passenger

We assume that the woman in this piece of Cadillac copy is supposed to be throwing the camera a 'come hither' look, but she just looks bored, if not pissed.

Suggested By: V8-aholic

8.) 1966 Dodge Gun

We don't know why this woman is sitting on the window of this Dodge and resting her foot on the wheel, but then we also have no clue why she has a gun. It's odd... and oddly arousing.

Suggested By: wisc47

7.) Knockout Mini Countryman

Apparently this Mini Countryman is such an amazing car it has knocked its models unconscious. That or they're so bored they fell asleep.

Suggested By: CanuckChinaman

6.) Peel P50 Humping A Lady's Leg

This time we know what the makers of the world's smallest car were going for here: this ad is supposed to show how even a housewife can pick the car up and roll it around like a grocery cart. It just looks like the Peel is humping her leg. Down Peel, down!

Suggested By: Jonee

5.) Jordanian Toyota

This is reportedly a Jordanian Toyota ad campaign that was deemed too racy for the rest of the world.

Suggested By: $kaycog

4.) Australian Ford Adult Magazine Enthusiast

Back in the '70s and '80s, Australia got the same custom van fad we got here in America and the same terrible ads trying to cash in on the craze. This ad tells the story of when Mr. All-Denim-Everything failed to woo a disinterested lady at a campfire, then retired to his van to read a nudie mag.

Suggested By: LandofMinos

3.) Turn Your Head And Cough Cobra

We don't care what you say, those aren't driving gloves.

Suggested By: burglar

2.) Ford Escort Mexico Banana Man

Nothing says 'individual' quite like wearing a banana in your pocket. If you're curious, "Escort Mexico" is this man's porn name.

Suggested By: PanchoVilleneuve

1.) F1 Driver's Raging Excitement For A Hot Hatch

Ex-F1 driver Heikki Kovaleinen just couldn't contain his raging excitement for this Renaultsport 197 F1 Team edition.

Suggested By: Nerd-Vol