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Is "flame surfacing" BMW designer headed to Hyundai?

Illustration for article titled Is flame surfacing BMW designer headed to Hyundai?

A report from Korea's RPM9 indicates former BMW styling head Chris Bangle, the Charlie Sheen of auto designers, could become lead designer at Hyundai, specifically to work on the company's next Equus. Trying to get a confirmation. (H/T Seung!)


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I can understand why people have a hater hardon for Bangle's BMW designs but I gotta say I dont have a problem with the majority of them.

I love the E90 and E60 designs, and i think the 1 Series and X5 look good for what they are.

The 6 and 7 series of his era are atrocities, but those can be forgiven because I have no interest in them. The x3 looks like an out of proportion smash-up of the x5 design so again, I couldn't care less.