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Is Driving Greener than Walking?

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Let's get this straight. Exercising like a meth-addicted Richard Simmons and then stuffing your face like Cookie Jarvis is none too good for the global atmosphere. "Eating less and driving to save energy would be better," environmentalist Chris Goodall told the Times. His reasoning — sure to please couch potatoes everywhere — is based on calculating the environmental cost of food versus oil production. Surprisingly, it's the food that pollutes more. According to Goodall, Author of "How to Live a Low Carbon Life" and a Green Party parliamentary candidate in England, driving a typical UK car for three miles adds around 0.9 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere, while walking the same distance uses about 180 calories, which you'd need 100 grams of beef to replace. And that would result in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving. Damn forensic mathematics and the insufferable law of unintended consequences. [via Times Online]


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@Hyman Decent: Exactly. Also, who do we think really eats more, the guy who walks 3 miles to work, or the guy who drives? After all, McDonalds doesn't have "Walk-Thru" windows.