Is Anyone Surprised That Jennifer Lopez's Terrible Tow Truck Reality Show Is Probably Staged?

If news reports are to be believed, Florida is the craziest and most dangerous place on earth. From bath salts to alligators to women who act very inappropriately in traffic, the state has a lengthy history of making places such as Texas seem like cultural meccas on par with Paris or London.

Which is why even though the TruTV reality show "South Beach Tow" has been accused of being staged, the mere fact that it is set in Florida makes this clip within the realm of possibility.


Watch as this Lexus owner resists the tow by performing kung fu on the South Beach Towing employee, as well as an innocent bystander, before he is put down with a ratchet to the head.


It looks staged to me. Then again, this is Florida we're talking about. Plus, Jennifer Lopez produces the show — and would she lie to us?

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Umm hello, EVERYTHING on TRUTV is staged. That channel is worthless