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Is A Wrangler JK The Revenge Of The Baby Boomers?

The JK Wrangler is not the best SUV out there and has nothing to do with concept of the original Jeeps, yet you like it because that grill is so damn familiar. What would your therapist say to that?


Yes, the windshield folds down if you have the patience to remove all the unnecessary plastics covers, and yes, it's powered by a six-cylinder, but it's not the six-cylinder you remember. Instead, this one is from a rental car. Whatever.

It's got a six-speed manual, a funky body with an open top, enough comfort to keep your butt warm on cold days and if you decide to go off the road, you won't look like a fool. That's gotta be close enough to the dream.

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The JK takes a lot of shit from purists. 4 doors, a "pretty" interior, lack of leaf springs, fuel efficient (for a Jeep) V6...

I own one, and I must say, it is surprisingly capable in factory form. Again, a lot of people who buy them will never use them for much more than frequent trips to Wal*Mart , but, should you choose to take one off the pavement, you will find it substantially capable, and more so than pretty much anything you can buy new off the dealer lots, and more capable than it's previous versions in factory fresh form.