Is A Car Both An Object And A Place?

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I have always thought of cars as unique in that each model is an individual design, yet also a mass-produced object as well. They occupy a space almost between industry and art. Perhaps there is another intersection in the car world, unique to automobiles.

While we were gawking at those sexy, sexy diagrams of the Jalopnik Sex In Cars Guide, we got an interesting idea from topgunner about the duality of cars.

I just have to say that this line really stuck with me:

"The second reason may actually be the more likely motivator, as for many people, their car isn't just a means of transport, it's the only really personal space you have. Cars are unique that way, among all the non-dwelling things we own. It's one of the only things we have that's both an object and a location. Nothing else really comes close."

Reading that was one of those, "so brilliant yet simple" moments.

We're struggling to think of anything else that is both an object and a location. Reader Roberto thinks motels qualify, but what do you think?


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