Is A BMW M3 Rally Car Faster Than An Old VW?

The recent Show Me Rally in Missouri had two of the best rally cars in the United States face off for top honors in 2WD. Which team had the faster car: BRAKIM Racing's E36 M3 or Huebbe Rallye Sport's old Rally Beetle?

Here's how John Huebbe described the battle the two cars had on one particular stage.

I'll cut to the chase, BMW unfortunately Mark and I couldn't claw back enough time in the twisty sections to overcome the horsepower gap of Matt's crazy BMW. We tried! Almost wrecking twice.

But we won the battle taking first place in 2WD over Matt by 3.6 seconds.

So the BMW won the stage, but the VW won the rally (in the 2WD class).

Huebbe pointed out how much more acceleration Matt Brandenburg and BRAKIM Racing had with their straight six.


I'm just overjoyed both of these cars compete in American rally.

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dont get it,, the beetlee won the really? Or the BMW?

In the footage the BMW annihilated the Vw, but in the comment the VW racer said they won the battle against the BMW... confusing