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Ah, Pittsburgh, land of steel, Steelers and Spike Slawson, perhaps the finest karaoke singer in the Western Hemisphere. And now car surfing. Off- duty, awesomely- first-named Penna state trooper Jolando Hinton was rolling merrily along on I-279 yesterday when a group of Art Institute of Pittsburgh students passed by at 60mph, videotaping Jackass-esque stunts using school equipment. According to Trooper Jolando, "He was literally on top of the roof of the vehicle. And then afterward, he was even laying in front of the windshield." The yahoos continued their miscreant behavior for two miles until they were apprehended, charged and had their tape confiscated. We bet they're drowning their sorrows in Yuengling as we write this. [Update: As native Pittsburgher, Michael points out, Yuengling is for Philidelphians and other frequent Bucks-Montgomery County visitors (like us). The proud folk of Iron City imbibe, what else but, Iron City.]

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